At Altair ProductDesign, innovation underpins our working philosophy. It is pervasive throughout all our project engagements. Our innovation metric is simply the impact our deliverables have on the business success of our clients.

Our unique innovation design process provides the framework for our innovation delivery. Key elements of this process combine human and computer creativity with our passion and belief that the future of design will be simulation driven.

Diversity is key to our innovation delivery.
  • Different cultures within our global offices
  • Different business practices (ProductDesign, HyperWorks, solidThinking)
  • Wide-ranging, multiple industry vertical experience
  • Cross-fertilization of industry experience
  • Open communication
  • Supportive and creative work environment
Innovation Stories
We believe that all our work contains elements of innovation; however, we have collected a few select examples which best demonstrate our innovation delivery. View these examples of innovation product design here.

Innovative Thinking

Innovative Thinking

Simulation Technology Helps Product Packaging Become More Sustainable

Just the words “packaged goods” generate troublesome images for many who are concerned about the environment. The concept of “packaging” suggests plastics and foams, metal and cardboard, which may be significant contributors to a community’s solid-waste burden. Learn more >>


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